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Grandfather Frog's Water Conservation Tips

After goofing around with a warning to "Protect The Source", Jerry sits down for "Grandfather Frog's Water Conservation Tips". Grandfather Frog shows Jerry an example of a typical house, and how families can conserve water throughout it. From the bathroom to the kitchen to the garden, Jerry learns practical tips like "Stop the Drip", and "Don't pour F.O.G. down the drain" (Fat, Oil & Grease), all of which are in a handy brochure that accompanies this video series. At the end of lecture, Jerry finds a missing gear on Grandfather Frog's watch, and gets back to Captain Nemo's mission.

Special note: this episode is part 2 of a 2-episode series we created with the town of Innisfil, Ontario.

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When I grow up... I want to be a Drinking Water System Operator

Drinking Water System Operators operate and maintain the pumps and other equipment to treat and deliver drinking water to your home. They test and monitor our drinking water quality to ensure it is clean and safe for people to drink.

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